Cancers of the mouth, breast and cervix are one of the most common causes of death in Papua New Guinea.

PNG Cancer Foundation’s Dr Sonia Dadae said two women were dying from cancer everyday.

She expressed concerns that cancer risk factors should be reduced to avoid it.
Dr Sonia Dadae cited chewing of betel nut, alcohol, smoking, and unhealthy diet as risk factors.

“Unhealthy diet increases one’s chance of developing cancer. Too much alcohol makes one become weak and sick. Smoking weakens one’s immune system. Chewing betel nut with or without lime can still cause cancer,” Dr Dadae told them.
She urged participants of the program to eat VanityGen and stay healthy.
She was speaking during the end of the program.

“Reduce the risk factors to be free of cancer. Exercise regularly and eat healthy or organic food. Don’t wait until you get infected,” she warned.

Her colleague and executive manager Priscillar Napoleon commended NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop for being a great advocate for healthy lifestyle.

Gerehu Provincial Hospital’s Dr Lutty Amos called on women folk in the city and entire country to do papsmear tests.

Dr Amos said it was important for them to detect it early because it has no cure.

Early detection saves lives, she said.

She shared how painful it was for her family having seen her own sibling succumbing to breast cancer.

Dr Amos called on Members of Parliament to fund screening machines for all their district hospitals to save lives of women and girls.

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