is located at Vision City in Port Moresby and is a state of the art

Primary Health Care service facility opens from 9AM to 9PM every day.

Diamond International Medicentre is established to provide Primary Health Care Services, Public Health Services, Occupational Health Services, Dental Service, Optical Services, Pharmacy, Laboratory Services and limited Emergency Care & Response to the residents of National Capital District and Papua New Guinea. The emergency response includes emergency stabilization and transfer to the nearest appropriate higher medical center. We aim to be PAN Papua New Guinea healthcare service provider to improve health care delivery system at affordable price in the country. We believe that prevention is better than cure. Our health services also provide value-added services such as vaccinations, regular annual check-ups, and an innovative wellness program for our clients. We intend to build and maintain the tradition of providing the best health services to our clients at affordable cost.

We are confident that our service will contribute towards improving the Health Care Service delivery system in Port Moresby and other parts of the country. The Diamond International Medicentre is managed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with leadership and expertise from the board of directors.

All clinical staff employed by Diamond International Medicentre are qualified PNG registered practitioners in the respective specialties.

The Diamond International Medicentre Clinic staff and management work closely with the local public hospital and other private health care facilities, which provides in-patient care, after hours and emergency services in the vicinity.

Governance & Support

The Diamond International Medicentre provides leadership and governance through its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). CEO reports to the Board of Directors of Diamond International Medicentre. The Chief Executive Officer provided leadership with oversight that includes:
  • Oversight of the appropriate delivery of all the health care service
  • Capacity building to run the facility in the best possible way
  • Investigation of clinical incidents
  • Liaison with other stakeholders and health service providers
  • Administrative support services in coordination with General Manager
  • Other additional responsibilities when it is practical and deemed
    appropriate by the CEO and the Board of Directors and does not
    interfere with the delivery of medical services
Leadership, Governance & Support


The Diamond International Medicentre is committed to sound and effective Clinical Governance. Quality of service delivery is the underpinning strategy that aims to both protect and support patients, clinicians and the reputation of the company. We have developed and have an embedded management processes that ensure work is continually being reviewed and refined under the continuous improvement model.

The Clinical Governance model used throughout the medical centre is based on the international standard of ‘Good Medical Practice’. A major underpinning of work is the Quality Clinical Governance Model. Diamond International Medicentre operations is based on the four (4) principles of the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom’s (GMC UK) document ‘Good Medical Practice 2013’. This model is used as a guiding document that outlines the expectations that a doctor should be up-to-date and fit-to-practice. These principles are:

  • Knowledge, Skills and Performance
  • Safety and Quality
  • Investigation of clinical incidents
  • Communication, Partnership and Teamwork
  • Maintain Trust

We are focused on standardization of our operations to international best practice as a significant process to ensure quality out-patient care and delivery of health services is maintained at the highest standard.

Facilities & Equipment

Diamond International Medicentre have the following
equipment at a fully functional facility:

  • State of the art Diagnostics
  • Automated External Defibrillator
  • Electrocardiogram Machine
  • Audiometer
  • Spirometer
  • Portable Digital Dental X-ray with Sensor
  • Dental Chair & Accessories
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Autorefractor
  • Slit Lamp

Clinical Staff

Dr Shirley KaubaDentistBDS
Mr Jonah JerryOphthalmic ClinicianPG Diploma
Ms. Evangel DorioDental Assistant12+ Years of Experience

The Board of Directors

Dr. Dhanesh Juta


Mr. Rajnish Juta


Mr. John Elisa